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Birthdate:May 18
Location:Idaho, United States of America
I wish that I could say that I'm interesting but I'm just as boring as the next person. I'm not any more special than anyone else. I do what I do and like what I like and float randomly around on this planet just like the rest of us all.
I'm complicated but not high-maintenance. Don't assume you know anything about me without asking first. Just because I like one thing doesn't mean I don't like another, just because I do one thing doesn't mean I won't another, etc. I can't stand it when people assume such about me. My family (including my pets. I consider them my babies and care very deeply for them) and friends are my life. It takes a lot to gain my trust, but once you have it (and don't do anything to kill it) you will have a fiercely loyal person on your side. I love to learn and create. I spend far too much time thinking but it has benefited me a lot, other than making me slightly crazy. I'm stubborn to a fault and have a hard time making decisions. There is a lot to me, even things *I* don’t know about quite yet. I’m still figuring myself and life out.
I'm a Zoologist/Animal Osteologist in training, as well as a taxidermist. I'm an artist and jewelry maker. I'm an American Tribal Style bellydancer. I'm just me.
Please leave a message if you add me. It creeps me out when people just add without any comment.

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aaahh!!! real monsters, amblypigids, amphibians, anatomy, ancient civilizations, ancient egypt, animal behavior, animal rehab, animals, antiques, art, artwork, asian culture, astrology, astronomy, autumn, b-movies, baking, bats, belly dancing, biology, birds, black, blood the last vampire, body acceptance, body modification, bones, books, botany, bugs, canines, carnivals, carnivorous plants, cats, caves, caving, cephalopods, chocolate, claws, cockroaches, collecting bones, conservation, contortionism, cooking, corpse flowers, corsets, corvids, creativity, crows, cryptozoology, dead things, deformities, dia de los muertos, dinosaurs, dogs, drawing, dreams, edward scissorhands, eggs, egyptian mythology, egyptology, emilie autumn, entemology, feathers, felines, ferns, fossils, freakshows, fungi, fur, genetic mutations, ghost hunting, ghosts, gore, goth, guts, halloween, hockey, horror movies, individuality, insects, johnny hollow, knitting, knowledge, languages, making jewelry, mantids, martial arts, monsters, morbid humor, moths, mushrooms, mutations, mythology, native american culture, nature, nautili, neopets, orange, ossuaries, osteology, paleontology, paleozoology, phobias, piercings, pitcher plants, poodles, pumpkins, purple, rasputina, rats, ravens, reptiles, sarcasm, scarification, science, scorpions, shells, silverwing, skulls, snakes, socks, spelunking, spiders, spiritual growth, spirituality, steampunk, swamps, tarantulas, tattoos, taxidermy, teeth, the circus, the forest, the moon, the nightmare before christmas, the woods, torture devices, travel, uropigids, vast, venus flytraps, victoriana, vintage medical tools, weaponry, wildlife, winter, yoga, zoology, zuni fetishes
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